Wave Optics

Topics covered
Huygens Wave Theory,Huygens Theory of Secondary Wavelets,Law of Reflection by Huygens Theory,Deriving Laws of Refraction by Huygens Wave Theory,Multiple Answer type question on Huygens Theory,Conditions of Constructive and Destructive Interference,Conditions of Constructive and Destructive Interference,Coherent Sources of Light,Incoherent Sources of Light,Youngs Double Slit Experiment,Fringe Width Positions of Bright and Dark Fringes,Numerical problems on Youngs Double Slit Experiment,Numerical problems on Youngs Double Slit Experiment,Displacement of Interference Pattern,Numerical problems on Displacement of Interference Pattern,Shapes of Fringes,Colour of Thin Films,Interference with White Light,Diffraction of Light,Diffraction of Light,Polarisation of Light,Polarisation of Light.

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