Sound- CBSE Class 9 Science Video Lecture (Hindi)

Topics covered
Introduction; Production and Propagation of Sound - Tuning Fork - Experiment 1, Experiment 2; Experiment: Dancing of Light Spot; Medium of Sound - Experiment;Frequency, Velocity of Sound Wave; Characteristic of sound as we hear it - Loudness, Pitch, Quality or Timbre; Music & Noise; Tone & Note;Sonic Boom - Light faster than Sound; Reflection of Sound - Laws of Reflection of Sound - Experiment to Verify Law of Reflection; Use of Reflection of Sound, Echo - Minimum Distance to hear Echo; Reverberation;Types of Sound based on Frequency - Range of Hearing - Infrasound/ Infrasonic Sound, Ultrasound / Ultrasonic Sound, Application of Ultrasound; Sonar, Human Ear - Structure of Ear, Working of Ear; Hearing Aid; Intensity of Sound;

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