Ray Optics (Part 1)

Topics covered
Importance of Chapter, Rays, Beam, Parallel Beam of Light, Diverging Beam of Light, Converging Beam of Light, Reflection of Light, Laws of Reflection of Light, Questions ad Answers, Angle of Deviation, Question on total Deflection of Light, Specular and Diffuse Reflection, Sources of Light, Image Formation by Plane Mirror, Questions and Answers,Question and Answer, Field of View, Numerical on Field of Line, Size of Mirror, Numericals on Size of Mirror,Curved Mirrors, How Mirrors are Formed, Terms Related to Curved Mirror, Reflection of Light by Curved Mirror, Focal Plane1,
Image Formation by Concave Mirror, Various Cases on How Image formed by Concave Mirror, Numerical, Magnification or Lateral or Transverse Magnification,Ray Diagram, Formation of Image when Object Placed at Various Position, Numericals,Image Formation by Convex Mirror, Ray Diagram, Formation of Image when Object Placed at Various Position, Numericals, Derivations of Various Formulae used in Concave Mirror, Derivations of Various Formula used in Convex Mirror,Various Case on Velocity of Image in Spherical Mirrors, Numericlas,Advanced Optical Systems, Formation of Images with more than one Mirror, Questions and Answers,Concept of Virtual Object, Formation of Image when Incident ray are Converging, Case of Virtual Object, Numericals, Image Characteristics for Virtual Object, Questions and Answers.Newton's Formula, Longitudinal Magnification, Numericals.Formation of Image when Two Plane Mirrors kept at an angle, Advance Optical System, Numericals, Formation of Image by two Parallel Mirrors.

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