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Is Matter Around Us Pure - CBSE Class 9 Science Video Lecture (Hindi)

Topics covered
Elements; Compounds;Mixture- Compounds vs Mixtures; Definitions of Elements, Compounds, Mixtures; Homogeneous & Heterogeneous; Chemical & Physical Change;Tyndall Effect; Solution, Suspension, Colloid (Basic); Solution; Suspension; Types of Solution- Alloy; Colloid; Suspension vs Solution vs Colloid; Types of Colloid;Terms related to Solution- Diluted & Concentrated Solution, Saturated Solution, Solubility, Effect of Temperature on Solubility, Effect of Pressure on Solubility, Concentration of Solution;Separation of Mixtures- Filtration, Evaporation, Crystallization, Chromatography, Sublimation Separation of Immiscible Liquids, Separation of Miscible Liquids (Distillation), Separation of Miscible Liquids (Fractional Distillation), Separation of Gases from Air;Centrifugation; Cleaning drinking water; Classification of Matter- Properties of Metams & Non-Metals;

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