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Rotational Motion

Topics covered
Rigid Body - Motion of Rigid Body; Axis of Rotation;Vector Product Cross Product; Torque;Couple; Principle of Moments;Pseudo Force; Toppling - Overturning of Car;Moment of Inertia (I) - Use of Integration to find I, Moment of Inertia of Rod, Moment of Inertia of Rectangular Plate, Moment of Inertia of Disc, Moment of Inertia of Solid Sphere, Moment of Inertia of Hollow Sphere;Parallel Axis Theorem; Perpendicular Axis Theorem; Quantitive Analysis; Radius of Gyration;Analogy b/w Translational & Rotational Motion; Revolutions per Minute (RPM); Relation b/w Linear and Angular Velocity; Dynamics of Rotation;Angular Momentum - Conservation of Momentum - Practical Application;Angular Momentum of a Particle - Addition of Angular momentum;Rotational Collision Kinetic Energy, Work, Power; Potential Energy; Proof of formula of Rotational K.E.; Linear & Angular Acceleration; Hinge Force; Angular Impulse.

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