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Topics covered
Congruency, Similiarity, Recalling Congruency And Similiarity; Similar Polygons;Thales Theorem- Corollary of Thales Theorem, Converse of Thales Theorem, Concepts of parallelogram, Proof of Thales Theorem, Proof of Converse of Thales Theorem;Criteria for Similiarity of Triangles; Congruent and Similar Triangles- Theorem 1, Theorem 2, Theorem 3, Conclusion of 3 Theorems;Overlaping Triangles; Perimeter Based Questions; Shadow Formation; Similiarity and Thales theorem;Advanced and Miscelleneous Questions; Proofs of Theorems- Theorem 1, Theorem 2, Theorem 3;Area of Similar Triangles- Theorem, Theorem's Proof;Pythagoras Theorem; Converse of Pythagoras Theorem; Proof based questions;

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