Coordinate Geometry

Topics covered
Concepts of Previous Classes- Cartesian System, Coordinate axes, Quadrant; Coordinates of point on axis; Another meaning of x & y coordinates; Area of triangle or rectangle; Finding vertices of geometrical figer;Distance between 2 points- Theorem, Theorem proof, Corollary, Formula based Queestion;Finding Type of Triangle; Finding Type of Quadrilateral; Collinear & Non-collinear points; Missing vertex of Geometrical Figer;Section Formula- Theorem, Proof, Corollary, More than 2 sections; Finding Section Ratio;Involving Equation of line; Missing vertex of parallelogram; Proofs related to mid-points; Miscelleneous Questions ; Centroid of Traingle; Theorem and Proof;Area Of Triangle- Theorem & Proof, Formula Based Questions; Area of Quadrilateral; Area of Quadrilateral; Collinearity; If Area is given; Miscelleneous Questions;

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