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Price: Rs.30000
Validity: Valid Till May 2023
Available in: PenDrive for Laptop/Computer, SD Card for Android Phones, Online Streaming
Lectures: 1305
Language: Hindi (Terms in English)
Course Duration: 574 Hours 54 Minutes

What You Get?

  • Video Lectures
  • Test Platform Access
  • Doubt Platform Access
  • Chapter Notes
  • Revision Notes
  • NCERT Book Solutions
  • Technical Support

List Of Topics Covered:

IIT Physics - Class XI

1.Basic Maths (1) : Vectors238 min.
2.Basic Maths (2) : Calculus136 min.
3.Unit and Measurement361 min.
4.Motion (1) : Straight Line Motion226 min.
5.Motion (2) : Graphs129 min.
6.Motion (3) : Two Dimensional Motion183 min.
7.Motion (4) : Relative Motion216 min.
8.Newton's Laws of Motion274 min.
9.Constrain Motion173 min.
10.Friction216 min.
11.Circular Motion256 min.
12.Work Energy Power405 min.
13.Momentum332 min.
14.Center of Mass166 min.
15.Rotational Motion590 min.
16.Rolling Motion518 min.
17.Gravitation205 min.
18.Simple Harmonic Motion448 min.
19.Waves (Part-1)447 min.
20.Waves (Part-2)485 min.
21.Mechanical Properties of Solids125 min.
22.Thermal Expansion125 min.
23.Heat and Calorimetry131 min.
24.Heat Transfer180 min.
25.Kinetic Theory of Gases137 min.
26.Thermodynamics216 min.
27.Fluids543 min.
28.Surface Tension and Viscosity106 min.


IIT Physics - Class XII


1.Electrostatics (1)266 min.
2.Electrostatics (2) 328 min
3.Current Electricity (1)144 min
4.Current Electricity (2)130 min.
5.Capacitor287 min.
6.RC Circuits63 min.
7.Magnetism and Moving Charge650 min.
8.Magnetism and Matter272 min.
9.Electromagnetic Induction581 min.
10.Alternating Current Circuit203 min.
11.Electromagnetic Waves50 min.
12.Photoelectric Effect135 min.
13.Ray Optics Part-1468 min.
14.Ray Optics Part-2710 min.
15.Ray Optics Part-3409 min.
16.Wave Optics496 min.
17.Atomic Structure151 min.
18.Nucleus135 min.
19.X-Ray61 min.
20.Error and Measurement47 min.
21.Semiconductors408 min.
22.Communication Systems70 min.

Class 11 - Chemistry

1. Mole Concept 232 min.
2. Atomic Structure 513 min.
3. Periodic Properties 129 min.
4. Chemical Bonding 510 min.
5. States of Matter 337 min.
6. Thermodynamics 560 min.
7. Chemical Equilibrium 397 min.
8. Ionic Equilibrium 356 min.
9. Hydrogen 82 min.
10. Redox 382 min.
11. S-Block 238 min.
12. P-Block 493 min.
13. GOC Organic 463 min.
14. Stereochemistry 281 min.
15. Alkanes 118 min.
16. Alkenes Alkynes 243 min.
17. Aromatic Compounds 294 min.

Class 12 - Chemistry

1. Solid State 340 min.
2. Solutions 307 min.
3. Electrochemistry 465 min.
4. Chemical Kinetic 351 min.
5. Surface Chemistry 221 min.
6. Metallurgy 174 min.
7. P-Block 203 min.
8. D & F-Block 122 min.
9. Coordination Compounds 380 min.
10. Aromatic Compounds 294 min.
11. Stereochemistry 280 min.
12. Haloalkanes 231 min.
13. Alcohol and Ethers 217 min.
14. Grignard Reagent 47 min.
15. Aldehydes & Ketones 236 min.
16. Carboxylic Acid 129 min.
17. Amines 205 min.
18. Polymers 40 min.

Class 11 : Mathematics
1.Sets, Relations and Functions177 min.
2.Trigonometric Functions541 min.
3.Mathematical Induction135 min.
4.Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations452 min.
5.Linear Inequalities110 min.
6.Permutation and Combination119 min.
7.Binomial Theorem496 min.
8.Sequence and Series792 min
9.Properties of Triangle22 min.
10.Straight Line846 min.
11.Conic Section1100 min.
12.Co-ordinate Geometry214 min.
13.Three Dimensional Geography36 min.
14.Limits, and Derivatives
662 min.
15.Mathematical Reasoning
61 min.
16.Statistics113 min.
17.Probability64 min.
18.Binary Numbers49 min.

Class 12 : Mathematics

1.Relations and Functions420 min.
2.Inverse Trigonometric Functions256 min.
3.Matrices300 min.
4.Determinants278 min.
5.Continuity150 min.
6.Limits143 min.
7.Integration398 min.
8.Integrals614 min
9.Differential Equations243 min.
10.Three Dimensional Geometry
549 min.
11.Increasing and Decreasing Functions124 min.
12.Mean Value Theorem91 min.
13.Maxima and Minima 210 min.
14.Define Integrals 235 min.
15.Vectors 560 min.
16.Plane 209 min.
17.Plane (Vectors) 223 min.
18.Linear Programming 216 min.
19.Sphere 94 min.
20.Straight Lines 252 min.
21.Straight Lines (Vectors) 120 min.
22.Partial Fractions 102 min.
23.Direction Cosine 65 min.
24.Tangents and Normals 125 min.
25.Differentiation557 min.
26.Probability382 min.

About Instructor :

DronStudy Academic Team

DronStudy Academic team consists of IITian teachers of Kota fame. The team has more than 45 years of teaching expereince put together. It is headed by Neetin Agrawal Sir - B.Tech IIT Madras / Author of 3 books for IIT-JEE Physics / Taught in some of the best Coaching Institutes of India / Has several Inventions (Patents) to his name during his Corporate Research years.

Class 11+12 : Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (IIT)

Rs. 30000

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