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Price: Rs.30000
Validity: Valid Till May 2023
Available in: PenDrive for Laptop/Computer, SD Card for Android Phones, Online Streaming
Lectures: 869
Language: Hindi (Terms in English)
Course Duration: 455 Hours 54 Minutes

What You Get?

  • Video Lectures
  • Test Platform Access
  • Doubt Platform Access
  • Chapter Notes
  • Revision Notes
  • NCERT Book Solutions
  • Technical Support

List Of Topics Covered:

Class 11+12 : CBSE Physics

Class 11 - Physics

1.Unit and Measurement364 min.
2.Mathematics for Physics377 min
3.Motion in Straight Line396 min
4.Motion in a Plane270 min.
5.Laws of Motion645 min.
6.Work, Energy and Power305 min.
7.System of Particles and Rotational Motion685 min.
8.Gravitation205 min.
9.Mechanical Properties of Solids58 min.
10.Mechanical Properties of Fluids400 min.
11.Thermal Properties of Matter380 min.
12.Kinetic Theory137 min.
13.Thermodynamics163 min.
14.Oscillations249 min.
15.Waves (Part-1)395 min.
16.Waves (Part-2)417 min.

Class 12 - Physics

1.Electric Charge and Fields266 min.
2.Electrostatics, Potential and Capacitance330 min
3.Current Electricity (1)196 min
4.Current Electricity (2)130 min.
5.Magnetism and Moving Charge645 min.
6.Magnetism and Matter274 min.
7.Electromagnetic Induction582 min.
8.Alternating Current Circuit205 min.
9.Electromagnetic Waves50 min.
10.Photoelectric Effect 135 min.
11.Atomic Structure94 min.
12.Ray Optics and Optical Instruments1193 min.
13.Wave Optics496 min.
14.Nucleus135 min.
15.Semiconductors408 min.
16.Communication Systems70 min.

Class 11+12 : CBSE Chemistry

Class 11 - Chemistry

 Physical Chemistry 
1.Mole Concept173 min.
2.Stoichiometry 1340 min.
3.Stoichiometry 2675 min.
4.Gaseous State382 min.
5.Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry746 min.
6.Atomic Structure597 min.
7.Chemical Equilibrium244 min.
8.Ionic Equilibrium556 min.
 Organic Chemistry 
9.Introduction and Development of Organic Chemistry141 min.
10.Nomenclature of Organic Compounds661 min.
11.GOC 1 - Hybridisation, Resonance, Aromaticity532 min.
12.GOC 2 - Substituent Effect272 min.
13.GOC 3 - Reactive Intermediate254 min.
14.GOC 4 - Acid, Base, Electrophile, Nucleophile97 min.
15.Isomerism754 min.
16.Reaction Mechanism605 min.
17.Alkane213 min.
18.Alkene257 min.
19.Alkyne130 min.
20.Alkyl Halides146 min.
 Inorganic Chemistry 
21.Chemical Bonding1021 min.
22.Periodic Table448 min.
23.Metallurgy243 min.
24.Hydrogen and Its Compound169 min.
25.S-Block Metals288 min.
26.P-Block Elements354 min.

Class 12 - Chemistry

 Physical Chemistry 
1.Solid State409 min.
2.Solution and its C.P.348 min.
3.Chemical Kinetics284 min.
4.Electrochemistry370 min.
5.Surface Chemistry423 min.
 Organic Chemistry 
6.Alkyl Halides162 min.
7.Alcohol and Ether203 min.
8.Aldehyde and Ketone229 min.
9.Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives101 min.
10.Nitrogen-Containing Compounds154 min.
11.Biomolecules335 min.
12.Polymers159 min.
13.Practical Organic Chemistry93 min.
 Inorganic Chemistry 
14.P - Block Elements 1443 min.
15.P - Block Elements 2197 min.
16.D - Block Elements221 min.
17.F - Blocks Elements100 min.
18.Co-ordination or Complex Compound644 min.
19.Metallurgy241 min.
20.Environmental Chemistry94 min.

Class 11+12 : CBSE Mathematics

Class 11 - Mathematics

1.Sets, Relations, and Functions142 min.
2.Trigonometric Functions330 min.
3.Mathematical Induction116 min.
4.Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations287 min.
5.Binomial Theorem318 min.
6.Straight Line419 min.
7.Parabola 139 min.
8.Ellipse107 min.
9.Properties of Triangle22 min.
10.Circles476 min.
11.Arithmetic Progression178 min.
12.Geometric Progression238 min.
13.Coordinate Geometry211 min.

Class 12 - Mathematics

1.Relations126 min.
2.Functions290 min
3.Inverse Trigonometric Functions181 min
4.Matrices226 min.
5.Determinants101 min.
6.Continuity61 min.
7.Limits142 min.
8.Integrations393 min.
9.Differential Equations140 min.
10.Three Dimensional Geometry320 min.
11.Increasing and Decreasing Function134 min.
12.Mean Value Theorem90 min.
13.Maxima and Minima210 min.
14.Definite Integrals125 min.
15.Vectors410 min.
16.Plane207 min.
17.Plane (Vectors)220 min.
18.Linear Programming110 min.
19.Sphere92 min.
20.Straight Lines247 min.
21.Straight Lines (Vector)118 min.
22.Partial Fractions101 min.
23. Direction Cosine63 min.
24.Tangents and Normals123 min.
25.Differentiation 330 min.
26.Probability320 min.

About Instructor :

DronStudy Academic Team

DronStudy Academic team consists of IITian teachers of Kota fame. The team has more than 45 years of teaching expereince put together. It is headed by Neetin Agrawal Sir - B.Tech IIT Madras / Author of 3 books for IIT-JEE Physics / Taught in some of the best Coaching Institutes of India / Has several Inventions (Patents) to his name during his Corporate Research years.

Class 11+12 : Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Rs. 30000

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