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Price: Rs.12500
Validity: Valid Till April 2022
Available in: Pen Drive for Laptop/Computer, SD Card for Android Phones, Online Streaming
Lectures: 162 Lectures and Test Question 5869
Language: Hindi (Terms in English)
Course Duration: 143 Hours 43 Minutes

What You Get?

  • Video Lectures
  • Test Platform Access
  • Doubt Platform Access
  • Chapter Notes
  • Revision Notes
  • NCERT Book Solutions
  • Technical Support

List Of Topics Covered:

Class IX - Science

1.MATTER in Our Surroundings 221 min.
2.Is MATTER Around Us PURE?254 min.
3.Atom and Molecules 155 min.
4.Structure of The Atom236 min
5.Fundamental Unit of Life147 min.
6.Tissues155 min.
7.Diversity in Living Organisms217 min.
8.Motion332 min.
9.Force and Newton's Laws of Motion355 min
10.Gravitation 258 min.
11.Work and Energy221 min.
12.Sound 222 min.
13.Why do We Fall Ill139 min.
14.Natural Resources(Eng)199 min.
15Natural Resources 252 min.
16.Improvement in Food Resources145 min.


Class IX - Mathematics

1.Number System247 min.
2.Polynomials134 min.
3.Coordinate Geometry94 min.
4.Linear Equations55 min.
5.Introduction to Euclid's Geometry67 min
6.Lines and Angles196 min
7.Triangles335 min
8.Quadrilaterals321 min.
9.Area of Triangles and Parallelogram227 min.
10.Circles281 min.
11.Heron's Formula69 min
12.Surface Area and Volume124 min.
13Statistics133 min.
14.Probability110 min.
15Construction87 min

Class 9 : Science Sample Paper Solution

Class IX - Science Sample Paper Solution.

1.Matter in our surrounding28 min.
2.Is matter around us pure28 min.
3.Tissue24 min.
4.Newton's law32 min.
5.Motion34 min.
6.Gravitation31 min.
7.Improvement in food Resources34 min.
10.Structure of The Atom47 min
11.Diversity in Living Organisms31 min
12.Work and Energy31 min
13.Sound29 min
14.Why do We Fall Ill34 min
15.Natural Resources27 min
16.Atom and Molecules38 min
17.Flotation35 min.
18.Multiple Chapters (Diversity + Why do we fall ill)35 min.
19.Multiple Chapters (Sound + Natural Resources)48 min.
20.Multiple Chapters (Atoms and molecule + Structure of Atom)38 min.
21.Multiple Chapters (Flotation + Work Energy)46 min.
22.Complete Paper 170 min.
23.Complete Paper 262 min.
24.Complete Paper 3115 min.
25.Complete Paper 487 min.
26.Complete Paper 572 min.


Class 9: Maths Sample Paper Solution : 

1.Number System97 min.
2.polynomial80 min.
3.Co-ordinate geometry88 min.
4.Linear Equation66 min.
5.Euclid's Geometry59 min.
6.Lines and Angles77 min.
7.Triangle 102 min.
8.Circle64 min
9.Heron's Formula114 min
10.Probability44 min
11.Quadrilaterals69 min
12.Area of Triangles and Parallelogram61 min
13.Surface Area and Volume52 min
14.Statistics63 min
16.Complete Paper 1206 min.
17.Complete Paper 298 min.
18.Complete Paper 3895 min.

Class 9 : Science and Maths Test

Science QuestionMaths Question
Tissues ( No. of Tests-27, No. of Question-259)Number System ( No. of Tests-14, No. of Question-120)
Force and Newton's Laws Motion ( No. of Tests-25, No. of Question-249)Introduction to Euclid's Geometry( No. of Tests-6, No. of Question-59)
Improvement in Food Resources ( No. of Tests-23, No. of Question-238)Triangles ( No. of Tests-16, No. of Question-97)
Atom and Molecules ( No. of Tests-27, No. of Question-266)Lines and Angles ( No. of Tests-11, No. of Question-88)
Is MATTER Around Us PURE? ( No. of Tests-17, No. of Question-142)Circles ( No. of Tests-33, No. of Question-161)
Fundamental Unit of Life ( No. of Tests-21, No. of Question-213)Area of Triangles and Parallelogram ( No. of Tests-27, No. of Question-129)
Motion ( No. of Tests-24, No. of Question-246)Quadrilaterals ( No. of Tests-30, No. of Question-141)
MATTER in Our Surroundings ( No. of Tests-18, No. of Question-166)Co-ordinate Geometry ( No. of Tests-5, No. of Question-50)
Diversity in Living Organisms ( No. of Tests-42, No. of Question-419)Linear Equations ( No. of Tests-9, No. of Question-50)
Natural Resources ( No. of Tests-16, No. of Question-419)Surface Area and Volume ( No. of Tests-21, No. of Question-105)
Gravitation ( No. of Tests-27, No. of Question-388)Statistics ( No. of Tests-21, No. of Question-106)
Why do We Fall ill ( No. of Tests-42, No. of Question-420)Polynomials ( No. of Tests-10, No. of Question-85)
Work and Energy ( No. of Tests-36, No. of Question-348)Probability ( No. of Tests-12, No. of Question-60)
Structure of The Atom ( No. of Tests-39, No. of Question-388)Heron's Formula ( No. of Tests-6, No. of Question-60)
Sound ( No. of Tests-48, No. of Question-472) 


About Instructor :

DronStudy Academic Team

DronStudy Academic team consists of IITian teachers of Kota fame. The team has more than 45 years of teaching expereince put together. It is headed by Neetin Agrawal Sir - B.Tech IIT Madras / Author of 3 books for IIT-JEE Physics / Taught in some of the best Coaching Institutes of India / Has several Inventions (Patents) to his name during his Corporate Research years.

Class 9 : Maths + Science

Rs. 12500

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