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Price:Rs.12990 Rs.4990
Validity:Valid Till April 2020
Available in:PenDrive for Laptop/Computer, SD Card for Android Phones
Language:Hindi (Terms in English)
Course Duration: 107 Hours 7 Min

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List Of Topics Cover:

Class X - Science

1.Chemical Reactions227 min.
2.Acids, Bases and Salts 273 min.
3.Metals and Non - metals349 min.
4.Carbon and Its Compounds268 min.
5.Periodic Classification of Elements273 min.
6.Life Processes - 1 (Eng)237 min.
7.Life Processes - 2 (Eng)214 min.
8.Life Processes - 1273 min.
9.Life Processes - 2 203 min.
10.Control and Cordination222 min.
11.How do Organisms Reproduce165 min.
12.Heredity and Evolution142 min.
13.Light (Part 1) : Reflection188 min.
14.Light (Part 2) : Refraction118 min.
15.The Human Eye and The Colourful World165 min.
16.Electricity258 min.
17.Magnetic Effect of Current218 min.
18.Sources of Energy92 min.
19.Our Environment78 min.
20.Management of Natural Resources75 min.

Class X - Mathematics

1.Real Numbers67 min.
2.Polynomials80 min.
3.Linear Equation182 min.
4.Quadratic Equation196 min.
5.Arithmetic Progressions112 min.
6.Trigonometry123 min.
7.Height and Distance45 min.
8.Coordinate Geometry332 min.
9.Triangles522 min.
10.Circles 156 min.
11.Areas Related to Circles186 min.
12.Surface Areas and Volumes137 min.
13.Statistics201 min.
14.Probability106 min.
15.Construction84 min.

About Instructor :

Mr. Neetin Agrawal

B.Tech, IIT Madras. Author of 3 books for IIT-JEE Physics. Over 10 years of teaching experience in some of the best coaching institutes of India. He has several inventions to his name.


GRS Academy

Educational Institute started by a team of IITians based in Kota. Headed by Mr. Sunil Singh, M.Tech, IIT Delhi having teaching experience in various fields. Guest Faculty in NIET, Greater Noida, NCR. in Electrical Engineering Deptt.


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