Tissue : NCERT Intext Questions

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Page 69

Q.1     What is a tissue?
Sol.     A group of cells which is meant to serve a special function is called tissue.

Q.2     What is the utility of tissues in multicellular organisms?
Sol.     Tissues facilitate division of labour. Different tissues are responsible for different functions, which is important for the functioning of a multicellular organism.

Page 74

Q.1     Name types of simple tissues.
Sol.     Simple tissues are as follows:
           (a) Parenchyma
           (b) Collenchyma
           (c) Sclerenchyma

Q.2     Where is apical meristem found?
Sol.     Apical meristem is found at root apex, shoot apex, leaf buds, etc.

Q.3     Which tissue makes up the husk of coconut?
Sol.     Sclerenchyma

Q.4     What are the constituents of phloem?
Sol.     Phloem is composed of sieve tubes, companion cells, phloem fibres and phloem parenchyma.

Page 78

Q.1     Name the tissue responsible for movement in our body.
Sol.     Muscular tissue

Q.2     What does a neuron look like?
Sol.     Neuron looks like a star-shaped cell with a tail.

Q.3     Give three features of cardiac muscle.
Sol.     Three features of cardiac muscle are as follows:
           (a) Cells are branched fibres.
           (b) Striations are present on cells.
           (c) Cells are capable of continuous contraction and relaxation.

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