The Human eye and colorful World : NCERT Intext Questions


Q.1       What is meant by power of accommodation of the eye ?
Sol.       The power of the eye by which it can see nearby objects as well as faraway objects by changing its focal length is called its power of accommodation.

Q.2       A person with a myopic eye cannot see objects beyond 1.2 m distinctly. What should be the type of the corrective lens used to restore proper vision ?
Sol.         Concave lens

Q.3       What is the far point and near point of the human eye with normal vision ?
Sol.         Far point - infinity

Near Point - 25 cm.

Q.4       A student has difficulty reading the blackboard while sitting in the last row.
                     What could be the defect the child is suffering from ? How can it be corrected ?
Sol.          Myopia, concave lens


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