Surface Areas and volumes : Ex - 16.2 (R.D Sharma)

Exercise 16.2.jnt_01
Exercise 16.2.jnt_02

Exercise 16.2.jnt_03
Exercise 16.2.jnt_04

Exercise 16.2.jnt_05
Exercise 16.2.jnt_06

Exercise 16.2.jnt_07

Exercise 16.2.jnt_08
Exercise 16.2.jnt_09

Exercise 16.2.jnt_10
Exercise 16.2.jnt_11

Exercise 16.2.jnt_12

Exercise 16.2.jnt_13

Exercise 16.2.jnt_14

Exercise 16.2.jnt_15
Exercise 16.2.jnt_16

Exercise 16.2.jnt_17
Exercise 16.2.jnt_18

Exercise 16.2.jnt_19

Exercise 16.2.jnt_20
Exercise 16.2.jnt_21

Exercise 16.2.jnt_22

Exercise 16.2.jnt_23

Exercise 16.2.jnt_24

Exercise 16.2.jnt_25


Exercise 16.2.jnt_27
Exercise 16.2.jnt_28

Exercise 16.2.jnt_29
Exercise 16.2.jnt_30

Exercise 16.2.jnt_31

Exercise 16.2.jnt_32

Exercise 16.2.jnt_33
Exercise 16.2.jnt_34

Exercise 16.2.jnt_35

Exercise 16.2.jnt_36

Exercise 16.2.jnt_37
Exercise 16.2.jnt_38

Exercise 16.2.jnt_39

surface area and volume .jnt_02


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