Sound : Previous Year's Questions

1 Mark Questions


Q.1  Name two animals which can produce infrasonic waves.                               

[CBSE, 2012]

Hippopotamus and whale

Q.2  What is reverberation?                                                      

[CBSE (CCE), 2011]

Reverberation is defined as persistence of sound after the source has stopped emitting sound.

This is due to multiple reflections of sound waves.

Q.3  What is the frequency of wave with time period 0.025 s?   

[CBSE (CCE), 2010]

Frequency (f) = 1/ time period (T)

f = {1 \over T} = {1 \over {0.025}} = 40\,\,Hz

Therefore, frequency of the wave = 40 Hz.

Q.4  A baby recognizes her mother by her voice. Name the characteristic of sound involved.

[CBSE (CCE), 2010]

The characteristic of sound involved in uniqueness of the sound is quality of sound or timber.

Q.5  What are infrasonic and ultrasonic sounds ?

[CBSE (CCE) 2010]

Infrasonic sound has frequency less than 20 Hz and ultrasonic sound has frequency higher than 20 kHz.

Q.6  What is the audible range of human ear?                                        

[Board, 2010]

The audible range of human ear is 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Q.7  Why do we hear sound of an approaching car before the car reaches us?          

[Board, 2010]

This is because velocity of sound is much greater than the velocity of car.


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