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Practical Geometry - Exercise 4.4 - NCERT Solutions


Exercise 4.4

Q.1 Construct the following quadrilaterals.

(i) Quadrilateral DEAR

DE = 4 cm

EA = 5 cm

AR = 4.5 cm

∠E = 60°

∠A = 90°

Sol. Step 1: Draw a line segment DE of length 4 cm and an angle of 60° at point E. Now, keep E as centre and cut an arc EA of 5 cm from this ray.

Step 2: Draw an angle of 90° at point A. Now, keep A as centre and draw an arc of radius 4.5 from this ray.

Step 3: To complete quadrilateral DEAR, join D to R.

(ii) Quadrilateral TRUE

TR = 3.5 cm

RU = 3 cm

UE = 4 cm

∠R = 75°

∠U = 120°

Sol. Step 1: Draw line segment RU of 3 cm. Now, make angle ∠U = 120ᵒ. Keep U as centre cut a line segment UE of 4 cm.

Step 2: Draw ∠R = 75ᵒ. And keeping R as centre cut a line segment RT of 3.5 cm.

Step 3: To complete quadrilateral TRUE, join T to E.


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