NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science- CBSE

Acing CBSE Class 9 with commendable marks is every school student's aspiration. Only a well prepared child can achieve the Herculean task in the exam hall. In order to attain the podium of academics, one must be thoroughly sound about the subject matter.

DronStudy provides you Chapter wise Solutions for Class 9th Social Studies. Below you will find the list of chapters with the NCERT Chapter names and its intext and exercise question and answers. The list is combined for all Chapters. also provides India's Best Video Lectures for CBSE Class 9 in Hindi Language. If you are interested in checking out courses for class 9 and demo videos then click here.

Class 9 Social Science NCERT Solutions

Here is the list of all the chapters of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science:



Chapter Name Exercise
The French Revolution View
Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution View
Nazism and The Rise of Hitler View
Forest Society and Colonialism View
Pastoralists in the Modern World View
Peasants and Farmers View
History and Sport: The Story of Cricket View
Clothing: A Social History View


Chapter Name Exercise
India Size and Location View
Physical Features of India View
Drainage View
Climate View
Natural Vegetation and Wildlife View
Population View


Chapter Name Exercise
Story of Village Palampur View
People As Resources View
Poverty As a Challenge View
Food Security in India View


Chapter Name Exercise
Democracy In the Contemporary World View
What is Democracy? Why Democracy? View
Constitutional Design View
Electoral Politics View
Working of Institutions View
Democratic Rights View

At Dronstudy, we provide detailed error free study material for 9th graders. Most students find it difficult to make their own notes for social science. Hence it is often considered a tough paper to score maximum marks. The general perception is abolished by our NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science.

How is our NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science Different?

Expert faculty working in the teaching field have put in their years of experience to bring about the course. A vast collection of important questions from past year exam papers have been curated. A diverse range of topics varying from History, Geography, Civics and Economics are covered with detail.
Professional level answers are furnished for students to study with utmost ease. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science is targeted to be student friendly. Complex events occurring in the French Revolution and Russian evolution are explained in a compelling way.

Extensive research from different sources are consulted before zeroing in on the final draft of the answer. Teachers from esteemed institutions have been roped in to compose marks oriented solutions. Sophisticated concepts in Economics are illustrated with real life examples from India's heartland.

The study package of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Social Science clarifies any doubts pertaining to the subject. The nuances in the working of Democracy in the Contemporary World are explained in a lucid manner. The rough terrains of the Aravalis and the mesmerising lanscape of the Himalayas are beautifully described with apt geographic terms.

Dronstudy's complete module of Class 9 Social Science is divided into chapter wise solutions for comprehensive reading. It is a must have for all students gearing up to face crucial CBSE exam.


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