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Science NCERT Solutions

Dronstudy offer class 9 students with the best comprehensive and pertinent NCERT solutions for class 9 science. All the solutions are prepared and designed by our highly skilled teachers and experts keeping in mind the requirements of students to score well in examination and educational importance of class 9. Each and every question that are in the NCERT textbook of class 9 Science are discussed with details and diagrammatic and graphical representations are used for better understanding.

Here is the list of all the chapters of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science:

Chapter Name Intext Questions Exercise NCRET Exemplar
Matter In Our Surroundings View View View
Is Matter Around Us Pure View View View
Atoms and Molecules View View View
Structure of the Atom View View View
Cell - Fundamental Unit of Life View View View
Tissues View View View
Diversity in Living Organisms View View View
Motion View View View
Force and Laws of Motion View View View
Gravitation View View View 1 View 2
Work and energy View View View 1 View 2
Sound View View View 1 View 2
Why do We Fall Ill View View View
Natural Resources View View View
Improvement in Food Resources View View View

Opting NCERT solutions for class 9 science by Dronstudy will be very helpful for you in case of clearing your doubts quickly and learning the most easy and convenient way to write answers during your examination.
If you are facing any difficulties in finding the correct answer in your NCERT Class 9 Science textbook, Dronstudy has made the best possible set of solutions for you. All the questions are solved in steps wise way with appropriate description. From "matter in our surroundings" to "Diversity in living organism" and from "Motion" to " Improvement in Food Resources", we have solved each and every question of the chapters included in NCERT CLASS 9 Science in a friendly and easy way.

Our NCERT Class 9 Science solution contains all the necessary guideline and information that a student requires to score well in examinations. Our syllabus, way of teaching through, tone etc. make it a best alternative to boost overall academic performance of a student.  The entire question from each and every chapter which is guided by the NCERT pattern is appropriately described and explained in our NCERT class 9 science solutions.
NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science is an all in one need of every student. You will find every possible way of answering in it. Our NCERT solutions for Class 9 Science provide you not only the solutions of the textbook questions, but it also helps you to learn the best effective way to answer questions in your exams so that you can score really well.

Features of NCERT solutions for class 9 science

  • Properly solved solutions
  • Solutions based on latest syllabus
  • Graphical and diagrammatical rich solutions so that you will not be bored.
  • Designed to help students in quick revisions right before the examination.
  • Friendly, expressive, and demonstrative way is used throughout the solutions.


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