Light - Reflection and Refraction : Complete Set of Questions

This set of questions contains all the possible concepts
which could be asked in the examination

Q.1  What is light? What is the nature of light?

Light is a form of energy which helps us see things around us.  When light rays strikes any object that object reflects light back, when this reflected light is captured by our eyes the object becomes visible.

Light is an electromagnetic wave which does not require a material medium for propagation.

Q.2 What makes it possible to see objects around us?

The reflection of light by an object makes the object visible to our eyes.

Q.3 Why does it take some time to see objects in dim light when you enter the room from bright sunlight outside?

The pupil controls the amount of light entering our eye. It becomes smaller for larger intensity of light and reduces the amount of light entering the eye. When we enter a dimly lit room then the amount of light received by the eye is small and so the pupil expands and takes time before we can see the objects around.

Q.4 What is meant by diffraction of light?

When light waves encounter obstacles of very small sizes, the light waves bend around the edges of the obstacle and travel. This is known as Diffraction of Light.

Q.5 Does a light ray require any medium for propagation?

The light waves are transverse in nature so do not need any material medium for propagation.

Q.6 Define ray of light.

A ray of light is a straight line with arrow ahead showing the direction of the movement of light.

Q.7 Briefly explain the three different types of light beams.

Light travels in a straight line, and path of line shown by a line with an arrow is called Ray. A collection of rays originating from the same source travelling in the same direction is called a beam of light.

There are three types of light beam:

Parallel beam : The beam of light in which rays are parallel to each other.

Convergent beam : The beam of light in which rays emerges or appear to emerge at a point.

Divergent beam : The beam of light in which rays diverge or appear to diverge from a point.

Q.8 Write short note on luminous and non-luminous objects.

Luminous object: These are objects which emit light of their own. For example, Sun, Bulb.

Non Luminous object: These are objects which do not emit light of their own but reflect light coming from other sources.  For example, Moon.


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