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Life Processes : Complete Set of Questions

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This set of questions contains all the possible concepts
which could be asked in the examination



Q.1 What is meant by life processes?

Various functions carried out by living beings; which are necessary to maintain and continue life are called life process. Following are the life processes in living beings:

• Nutrition

• Respiration

• Transportation of substances

• Excretion

• Movement

• Reproduction

Q.2 What is meant by nutrition?

Nutrition is the process by which an organism obtains the food from its environment and utilizes it for various life processes like growth, replacement of tissues, energy etc.

Q.3 When we are asleep we are not performing any activity still our life processes are going on. Why?

The maintenance functions of living organisms must go on even when they are not doing anything particular. That is why the life processes are going on even while we are asleep or not performing any activity. 

Q.4 We say that movement is a characteristic of living organisms but we always don’t see visible movements in plants. Comment.

We always don’t see visible movements in plant s. It does not mean that they are not alive. Molecular movements take place in their body.


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