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Democratic Rights : NCERT Exercise Questions

Q.1     Which of the following is not an instance of an exercise of a fundamental right?
           (a) Workers from Bihar go to the Punjab to work on the farms
           (b) Christian missions set up a chain of missionary schools
           (c) Men and women government employees get the same salary
           (d) Parents’ property is inherited by their children
Sol.       (d) Parents’ property is inherited by their children

Q.2     Which of the following freedoms is not available to an Indian citizen?
           (a) Freedom to criticise the government
           (b) Freedom to participate in armed revolution
           (c) Freedom to start a movement to change the government
           (d) Freedom to oppose the central values of the Constitution
Sol.       (b) Freedom to participate in armed revolution

Q.3     Which of the following rights is available under the Indian Constitution?
           (a) Right to work
           (b) Right to adequate livelihood
           (c) Right to protect one’s culture
           (d) Right to privacy
Sol.       (c) Right to protect one’s culture

Q.4     Name the Fundamental Right under which each of the following rights falls:

           (a) Freedom to propagate one’s religion
Sol.       Right to freedom of religion

              (b) Right to life
Sol.       Right to freedom

              (c) Abolition of untouchability
Sol.       Right to euqality

              (d) Ban on bonded labour
Sol.        Right to freedom

Q.5     Which of these statements about the relationship between democracy and rights is more valid? Give reasons for your preference.
           (a) Every country that is a democracy gives rights to its citizens.
           (b) Every country that gives rights to its citizens is a democracy.
           (c) Giving rights is good, but it is not necessary for a democracy.
Sol.       (a) Every country that is a democracy gives rights to its citizens

Q.6     Are these restrictions on the right to freedom justified? Give reasons for your answer.

           (a) Indian citizens need permission to visit some border areas of the country for reasons of security.
Sol.        Country’s security is more important than the right to freedom of a citizen, hence this restriction is justified.

           (b) Outsiders are not allowed to buy property in some areas to protect the interest of the local population.
Sol.        Some areas may be culturally or ecologically vulnerable and hence outsiders are not allowed to buy property in such areas. This restriction is also justified.

           (c) The government bans the publication of a book that can go against the ruling party in the next elections.
Sol.        This restriction is not justified because we have the freedom of expression.


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