Class 9 Maths Notes

About 20 lakh candidates appear for the class 9 maths paper every year. However there are many candidates having poor financial background. Now CBSE have taken a great initiative by providing all NCERT books for free to each and every students. But Dronestudy feels only providing the books is not enough especially when the subject is maths which requires deep understanding. Our aim is providing the best quality education to each and every child.

We proudly present the CBSE class 9 maths solutions. We are happy to help all the students who are facing challenge understanding the concepts of mathematics.

Here is the list of all the chapters of Class 9 Maths Notes:

Chapter Name Revision Notes Chapter Notes
Number System View View
 Polynomials View View
Coordinate Geometry View View
Linear Equations in Two Variables View View
Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry View View
Lines and Angles View View
Triangles View  View
Quadrilaterals View View
Areas of Parallelograms And Triangles View View
Circles View View
Constructions View View
Heron’s Formula View View
Surface Areas And Volumes View View 1, View 2,  View 3, View 4 
Statistics View View 1 , View 2, View 3
Probability View View

After CBSE introduced the CCE pattern, it has become very important for the students to stay updated with their studies. However in the race often they fail to grasp the concepts and finally have to mug up from the books to ensure good results in the exam. Hence they lose their interest in the subject.

Apart from CBSE class 9 maths solutions we also provide notes on the topics to ensure that the students understand what they are studying. Dronstudy is providing guidance to all the students who need help in the subject. There are are many students who follow reference books like RD Sharma and RS Agarwal to ensure good understanding and better preparation in the examination. In Dronstudy we have discussion panel to ensure the students clear their doubts. They can also take part in discussions and in the process can also help another student to understand by answering their query. We feel being able to answer and help someone would make them feel satisfied and hence increase their will to study. Apart from study materials we also provide video lectures to make sure each and every student understand the chapters they are studying.


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